April 5, 2017
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OSHA's 'Volk Rule' was recently repealed. Please read the article  below for more information.

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OSHA's 'Volks Rule' Repealed
Rule Previously Became Effective on January 18, 2017

President Trump has signed into law House Joint Resolution 83, which repeals the "Volks Rule," an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rule which imposed on employers continuing obligations to make and maintain accurate records of recordable injuries and illnesses. The rule previously became effective on January 18, 2017.

OSHA's recordkeeping regulations require employers to record information about certain work-related injuries and illnesses on an OSHA 300 Log. Employers must enter each recordable injury or illness on the OSHA 300 Log, as well as on a supplementary OSHA 301 Incident Reportwithin 7 calendar days of receiving information that a recordable injury or illness has occurred. At the end of each calendar year, employers must create, certify, and post annual summaries of the cases listed on their 300 Logs for the prior calendar year. Generally, employers must retain their OSHA Logs, Incident Reports, and annual summaries for 5 years following the end of the calendar year that they cover.

If an employer initially fails to record a recordable injury or illness on the OSHA 300 Log or the corresponding OSHA 301 Incident Report, the employer still has an ongoing duty to record that case; as long as an employer fails to comply with the ongoing recording duty, there exists an ongoing violation of OSHA’s recordkeeping requirements. OSHA can cite employers for such recordkeeping violations for up to 6 months after the 5-year retention period expires. 

'Volks Rule' Explained
OSHA’s "Volks Rule," which...

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