October 19, 2017
Hello Leaders!
I hope all is well. Is your organization protected from sexual harassment lawsuits. Please review the excerpt from my book below regarding a real life sexual harassment situation. It is always my goal to keep you informed, and ensure you avoid costly HR Mistakes. 

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Vanessa G. Nelson

Tim White loved to flirt with the ladies in the office. That was just his style. He would wink at the women, tell them they looked nice, and tap them on the shoulder while nodding his approval. He talked loud to impress the women and he even told jokes that were almost inappropriate. He enjoyed speaking to women at close range.

Is this behavior “just obnoxious” or is it “illegal conduct”?

The Mistake Employers Make

Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between “just obnoxious behavior” and “illegal conduct”. Because it is so difficult, many employers write it off as “That’s just Tim being Tim.” Therefore, the employer simply ignores the behavior; which could cost the employer in the future.

How to Fix the Mistake

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