April 18, 2016
Hello Leaders!
Have you heard the term, "Share the Road?" Well, "Sharing the Workplace" can be directly related to increased profits! Below are a few great tips for you to share with your employees.

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Vanessa G. Nelson
Workplace Etiquette
Workplace etiquette is defined as the method in which we display manners on the job, and how we conduct ourselves in a professional way. Good manners increase workplace relations by allowing everyone to enjoy the environment, thereby increasing productivity, which can increase profits.

It is a great idea to post this information in a conspicuous place for all employees to review and/or discuss in your staff meetings. Listed below are guidelines to help promote workplace etiquette.

  • Acknowledging/Greeting
    • When entering a room, office, meeting, etc., the person entering should enter with a greeting; a simple “hello”.
    • When encountering co-workers, visitors and/or staff members in hallways, elevators, etc., smile and speak to them enthusiastically. Do not ignore them.
    • When you need to speak to someone, first ask him or her if “now” is a good time.
    • If someone enters the office/room, and you are on the phone, acknowledge the person with a smile and signal them that you will be right with them.
    • When waiting for an elevator, allow people to exit before entering; this helps with the flow. Again, the person entering should acknowledge others.
  • Office Etiquette

    • Monitor the volume and content of your conversations.
    • Keep personal conversations to a minimum.
    • Do not gossip.
    • While eating at your desk (if allowed) or eating in shared areas, avoid foods with strong smells and aromas that will travel throughout the office area or which may be offensive to others, such as fish.
    • Keep workspace clean and neat at all times, especially in high traffic/activity areas.
    • Ask before borrowing anything and promptly return the item.
    • Clean up spills and messes, especially in microwaves and don’t leave messes for others to encounter.
    • Clear copy machine jams, don’t leave for others to repair your paper jams.
    • Be a team player, assist co-workers when they need help.
    • Make a fresh pot of coffee, especially when taking the last cup.
    • Ask permission to put people on speakerphone.
    • Return phone calls promptly, within 24 hours or less.
    • When encountering a closed or slightly closed door, always knock and wait for permission to enter.
    • Don't wear loud perfume/cologne and/or revealing clothing on  the job.
  • Customer Service

    • Greet customers with a smile. and enthusiasm "Good morning! May I help you?"
    • When answering the phone, be cheerful, the customer should be able to hear a smile in your voice.
    • Do not vent or carry on private, personal, and/or work related conversations with fellow employees in the vicinity of customers.
    • Do not use cell phones or text in front of customers, unless it is customer related.
    • Be professional, refer to the customer as Mr. or Mrs.
    • Ask if it is okay to put the caller on hold, and apologize if the customer is on hold for more than 30 seconds.
    • Be truthful with the customer and be empathetic.
    • When dealing with an irate customer, remain cool, listen patiently, apologize, and if the customer is still upset, offer the customer  solutions, i.e., "I can personally call the tech department for you and explain the problem," or "I will put you at the top of the list and expedite your issue to management," etc.
    • Don't forget to say thank you, it goes a long way.
  • Emails
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