October 10, 2016
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Welcome to The Nelson HR Review! Political discussions in the workplace can become heated and cause productivity to suffer. This week I will focus on 5 ways to deal with political discussions and conversations in the workplace.

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Vanessa G. Nelson
5 Ways To Deal With
Political Conversations in the Workplace
Let's face it, this presidential election is vastly different from any other election. Which can mean that employees are more apt to discuss this election as well as disagree on various topics related to the election. Tempers can flare and productivity can suffer. Below are 5 ways to reduce potentially heated political conversations in the workplace.

5 ways to deal with political conversations in the workplace:

  1. Ensure Managers are trained to avoid political conversations/discussions in the workplace and during working hours. Managers set the tone for the workplace and employees typically take their cue of what is allowed to discuss at the workplace from management.

  2. Communicate to employees the detrimental effects of political conversations and advise them to use discretion. Let employees know that people have different views and that political talk has the potential to create a hostile work environment and/or may offend someone. Let the employees know that the organization supports diversity.

  3. Establish and/or review policies. To create a respectful work environment, make sure your Anti-harassment, Discrimination Prevention, Retaliation, Non-solicitation, Political Activity, and Loitering policies are maintained and up to date. Ensure to communicate those policies to employees.

  4. Ban 

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