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Did you know the cost of a bad hire can be $100,000 or more? Do you find it hard to retain key players or hire the right executives? The Harvard Business Review indicates that as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.

3 BIG reasons to outsource your executive recruitment:

1. Save Money and Time! Costs to recruit a new employee can add up quickly. Add in all of the actual costs such as:

  • Advertising
  • Labor to review hundreds of unqualified résumés
  • Wasted time with phone screens and in-person interviews
  • Decision making meetings
  • Cost of job orientation
  • Cost of overtime to cover vacancy
  • Cost of new hire training
  • Cost of lost customers, sales, profits, etc.
  • Cost of unemployment insurance

By outsourcing, an organization can also save on the payroll and staffing costs of an in-house recruitment team, as well as reduce the chance of losing money and opportunity costs of a bad hire, not to mention the cost of turnover on your organization.

2.  Fill Positions Quickly While You Focus on Strategic Plan. According to a recent survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the number one reason organizations outsource recruiting is “speed of hire/need to hire quickly.” Finding the best talent in less time can give your organization a competitive advantage, especially as the economy continues to improve and unemployment rates decline.

3. Find Quality Candidates! We are specialized and experienced; we have the needed resources and top-notch technology; and we are focused to find and recruit the best qualified candidates for you. We know where to search for top candidates, how to best approach and attract them to your opportunity, and how to evaluate a perfect fit for you and the candidate. This allows you to hire and retain better qualified employees.

We can recruit, screen, interview, background check, drug screen (if applicable) and select the best candidates that align with your company’s strategic plan, goals, objectives, and culture.

HR Staffing

Need HR?  Do you need human resources assistance for a project? Do you want to  try out the HR candidate on a trial period before you hire? We have your answer.

We have the best, experienced, qualified HR personnel available and can match up our candidates with your goals, objectives, culture, and needs.

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