September 20, 2016
Hello Leaders!
Welcome to The Nelson HR Review! HR Audits can protect your organization, help you get compliant, as well as really add to your bottom line. Let me please share with you my experiences and my top 3 reasons below.

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Vanessa G. Nelson
3 Reasons You NEED an HR Audit Today!
Often times I am approached by employers with workplace problems. I almost always suggest conducting an HR Audit. Let me share with you my 3 reasons why.

1. HR Audits can drastically improve your bottom line. Many of my clients realize savings of $100,000 to half of a million dollars by following our recommended changes.

2. When my team and I conduct HR Audits, we actually revealed misclassified workers, bullying, discrimination, embezzlement, and in one instance, a violent person who was being retained.  All of these issues are high-risk, which could be very costly to the organization.

3. When interviewing staff, we uncovered a sexual harassment issue that had been reported to 4 different managers over 2 years, yet no one took him (the victim) seriously. It turned out to be an extremely crucial situation, which could have cost the organization millions of dollars.  

Oh and number 4 is to help organizations get compliant!                              

So my question to you is, how will you make sure your organization is not at risk?  

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        HR Audits are a win-win!
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