September 8, 2016
Hello Leaders!
My goal is to always help you protect your organization, therefore below I am sharing with you an encounter that I had regarding workplace bullying and how I worked to resolve the issue. 

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Vanessa G. Nelson

Last year, while working with a client,  I met with a manager to discuss organizational issues, I realized that she might be a bully via her conversation. She made statements to me like, “I told Sally if she did not like the way I managed the staff, then there is the door.” Other statements she made to employees included: “I hired you, so I can fire you today” and “You have been here long enough to know better” and “He is not management material so I told him that” and "I yelled at John over and over and he still doesn't get it right!" and on and on. Needless to say, I was very alarmed by the conversation.

Did you know that bosses are the majority of the bullies in the workplace and that, according to Workplace Bullying Institute, 1 in 3 workers (37 million) experience workplace abuse? Also, 20% of workplace bullying crosses the line into harassment and 3 out of 4 managers who witness bullying either deny, discount, encourage, rationalize or defend bullying behavior. This is why bullying is referred to as the "silent epidemic."

Bullying causes an unhealthy workplace and creates a hostile work environment. This can be costly to the employer via health costs, absenteeism, low productivity, and costly litigation.

Bullies are scary, shocking, humiliating, and embarrassing; yet bullies are unfortunately tolerated in the workplace far too often . Why? Because the company doesn't want to have to deal with the bullies and doesn't want to rock the boat. Often times employers don’t want the attack, the conflict, the discomfort. So the bullies keep the same behavior and others either pretend they aren’t wreaking havoc or grit their teeth and tolerate them.

Let me share with you 5 things I do when I encounter a perceived bully:

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