Bedford Public Schools


Expert Human Resources (EHR) began working with Bedford Public Schools (500 employees, collective bargaining agreement) in April 2015. Mr. Schwager, Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations, stated he heard great things about Expert Human Resources’ services and therefore he decided to gave us a call. Several of Bedford Public Schools’ job classifications and job descriptions had not evaluated, assessed, or modified in 20 years, which caused problems with work flow. Mr. Schwager stated he wanted us to conduct a job analyses and revise job descriptions for 37 employees.


Expert Human Resources conducted job analyses, which included:

  • Interviewed all 37 employees
  • Created ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) compliant job descriptions,
  • Recommended a more efficient and streamlined workflow to maximize human capital and improve workflow.
  • Suggested classification changes


  • Ability to avoid workplace litigation via improved classification process
  • Improved/modified work flow processes
  • Created new, easy to understand job description format to enhance communication of employee responsiblities
  • Improved and streamlined work flow
  • A clearly defined classification process; allowing more accurate classification and compensation decisions
  • Enhanced staffing flexibility
  • Ability to communicate better with union regarding classification and work issues
  • Better customer service, creating an improved organizational image
  • Improved job fit
  • Management able to focus on their duties and the strategic plan, less distractions

“I highly recommend Expert Human Resources for any organization. They provide a valuable service in a highly professional manner.”

Howard Schwager, Executive Director of
Human Resources/Labor Relations,
Bedford Public Schools