HR 20/20

HR Guidelines to Protect Your Assets & Grow Your Profits!

Operating a successful business can be overwhelming and time consuming.  Oftentimes, essential laws and policies are overlooked and/or applied inappropriately. However, it is imperative that business owners protect their assets by remaining compliant with local, state, and federal laws and policies.  Expert Human Resources recognizes that it takes just one mishandled employee, or applicant, to result in costly litigation.

This information in this E-book is presented to assist in your organization’s avoidance of litigation and asset retention.  Expert Human Resources, LLC was created to assist in the development and profitability of businesses to include:

  • Maximizing Profits
    • HR Audits to ensure legal compliance
    • Assistance with hiring the best employees
    • Providing employee training to protect the organization
    • Aligning policies and procedures to business goals
    • Conducting compensation studies and job classifications to avoid wage litigation
  • Increase Productivity
    • Policy and procedure development to aid in communication
    • Job analyses and job description development
    • Employee programs and teambuilding
  • Outsourcing processes
    • Executive Recruitments
    • Full HR outsourced services
    • Acting as HR Director

This E-book acts as a guide to assist employers with HR processes, recruiting, laws, etc.

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