Psychotherapist Kevin Baker of HelpNet Bronson Healthcare Group, discusses the impact of COVID-19 on employer/employee mental anxieties and stress.

Elite HR Professionals’ Zoom meeting held on March 4, 2021. Speakers:

  • Attorney Julie Gafkay, who covered COVID-19 an employer/employee rights; and
  • (1:03:48) – Psychotherapist Kevin Baker who covered COVID-19 and employer/employee mental anxieties and stress.

Elite HR Professionals of Genesee County Meeting, held February 4, 2021, with speaker Sean Egan, Deputy Director for Labor and Economic Opportunity, Covers COVID-19 management/issues, and include the following: -COVID-19 trends and continued requirements in the workplace. -Common MIOSHA workplace COVID 19 workplace violations. -Discussion on the relation between COVID-19 and Workers Disability Compensation Insurance.

Top 15 Costly HR Mistakes – A Must Watch, Includes COVID-19 Mistakes