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Top 15 Costly HR Mistakes – A Must Watch, Includes COVID-19 Mistakes

How to Handle Employee Accommodations Under the ADA

Don’t miss my end of the year Nelson HR Report, where I discuss the 5 Way Employers Should Protect and Improve the Organization in the New Year!

Turnover issues? Check out my information packed Nelson HR Report #13 for October 2019! My report includes: EEO-1 Pay Data Requirements Updates 0:34, Guest Ms. Katrina Royster – Tips on Employee Retention 2:41, and Tip of the Month – Domestic Violence in the Workplace 9:41

Hot topics include: I-9 Form Expiration Updates 0:30, Mr. Paul Koroly – Tips on Recruitment and Retention 1:06, and Tip of the Month – Tolerating Employee’s Poor Performance 7:15

HOT topics in benefits (Affordable Care Act and IRS) presented by special guest Jim McGuiness of Saginaw Bay Underwriters, and Tip of the Month – Bullying in the Workplace.

OSHA Aims to Save Employers Money!, EEOC Collected $56.6 Million for Sexual Harassment, IRS Has Something New!, Outdated Job Descriptions Can Cost You.

Mental Health in the Workplace; Discriminatory Job Postings; EEO-1 Pay Data Reporting Update; Dress Code

EEO-1 Pay Data Report; FMLA and DOL’s Opinion Letter; Be Heard- Murphy’s Bill; Tip of the Month – Providing References for Former Employees

New Overtime Rule Proposal, Free Mich. Pd Sick Leave Poster, OSHA, and Tip of the Month – Orientation and Onboarding

Workplace Violence, Inclement Weather and Workplace Closings, Paycheck Fairness Act of 2019, Age Discrimination in Employment (ADEA), and Tip of the Month – Creating and Maintaining Civility in the Workplace

Michigan Paid Sick Leave, Michigan Minimum Wage, IRS Mileage, E-Verify and Government Shutdown, and Tip of the Month – HR Audits.

How the Mid-term elections could affect employers, Supreme Court ruling re:ADEA, Sexual Harassment, Holiday Parties

Breaking News! Stay informed and keep up-to-date! Featuring Marijuana, Supreme Court/ADEA, Domestic Violence Awareness, and Probationary Periods.

Check out this month’s Nelson HR Report for updates regarding FMLA, Ban the Box Directive, Harassment, Politics, and ADA. Stay up-to-date!

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