Case Studies

Mass Transportation Authority (MTA)

Expert Human Resources had provided services to the MTA (450 employees, 3 collective bargaining agreements) for 2 years, i.e., performing executive recruitments, as well as an HR Audit of the hiring process. Unfortunately, the organization experienced turnover of key executive staff and was concerned that turnover might continue.

Muskegon Area District Library

Mr. Kelly Richards was very familiar with Expert Human Resources outstanding services in his role as Branch Operations Manager at a library in Flint, Michigan. Therefore, when he was promoted to Executive Director at the Muskegon Area District Library in Muskegon, Michigan, one of the first calls he made was to EHR for assistance. Mr. Richards stated, “I had to call in the experts due to multiple issues…”

Bedford Public Schools

Expert Human Resources (EHR) began working with Bedford Public Schools (500 employees, collective bargaining agreement) in April 2015. Mr. Schwager, Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations, stated he heard great things about Expert Human Resources’ services and therefore he decided to gave us a call.

Birch Run Chamber of Commerce & CVB

When the CEO of Birch Run Chamber of Commerce & CVB contacted Expert Human Resources he was at his wits end. He was struggling with multiple workplace issues as well as compliance fears.

Valley Area Agency On Aging

Valley Area Agency on Aging contacted Vanessa G. Nelson and Expert Human Resource approximately 2 years ago. The initial contact was for an Executive Compensation Tool.