Muskegon Area District Library


Mr. Kelly Richards was very familiar with Expert Human Resources outstanding services in his role as Branch Operations Manager at a library in Flint, Michigan.  When he was promoted to Executive Director at the Muskegon Area District Library (48 employees, 40 covered by collective bargaining agreement) in Muskegon, Michigan (January 2015), one of the first calls he made was to Expert Human Resources for assistance. Mr. Richards stated, “I had to call in the experts due to multiple issues…”


Expert Human Resources conducted a Human Resources Audit, which included:

  • Assessing key functions relating to human resources service delivery, including general processing and workflow; employment law compliance; selection and onboarding practices; total reward features; performance management; and succession planning.
  • Reviewing related current practices, policies and procedures; identifying opportunities for immediate improvement.
  • Conducting interviews with HR staff and key leadership to discuss the functions and services
  • Developing benchmarks in key areas to measure the effectiveness of the human resource functions.


Through the HR audit, Expert Human Resources compiled of a report of findings and recommendations, which:

  • Identified potential cost savings and liability issues associated with human resource functions.
  • Recommended changes consistent with the projects’ statement of purpose.
  • Included a step-by-step action plan, which included: reducing risk level processes and compliance maintenance initiatives


Muskegon Area District Library

  • Avoided  potential risks by upgrading policies/procedures, HR processes and practices
  • Reduced costs by implementing a new strategy-focused, user friendly HRIS system
  • Eliminated job gap by hiring an high-quality, experienced Manager
  • Increased productivity by implementing processes and systems
  • Automated processes and outsourced labor-intensive projects/processes to save the organization time and money
  • Improved work flow and increase productivity
“Expert Human Resources delivered quick service; Vanessa consulted with us, conducted a very detailed HR Audit, updated our Personnel Policy Manual and supplied us with an outstanding report which gave me the information we needed.”

Kelly Richards, Executive Director,
Muskegon Area District Library