Valley Area Agency On Aging


Valley Area Agency on Aging contacted Vanessa G. Nelson and Expert Human Resource approximately 2 years ago. The initial contact was for an Executive Compensation Tool. After completion of the initial project, the CEO shared with us other workplace issues that the organization was experiencing, which included: High turnover of key staff, deficient leadership training, and employees not working together in synchronization.


Expert Human Resources:

  • Established and created a compensation policy, philosophy, and strategy
  • Conducted an HR Audit
  • Acted as Interim Human Resources Director, i.e., consulted with and assisted staff with day-to-day issues including decision making, strategies, writing corrective actions, research, answering questions, etc.
  • Interviewed employees
  • Provided leadership training to all management staff
  • Updated and developed policies and procedures, as needed
  • Determined cost saving opportunities and areas of improvement
  • Recommended team building exercises and strategic initiatives


  • Enhanced avoidance of workplace litigation via improved processes and systems
  • Improved employee retention and job satisfaction
  • Better communication
  • Enriched and streamlined processes
  • Reduced distraction of CEO involvement with workplace issues allowing increased focus on strategic issues and goals
  • Improved work flow and increased productivity
  • Leaders properly trained to protect the workplace and more secure in decision making
  • Upgraded HR presence and expertise
  • Employees have clearer direction via updated job descriptions
  • A clearly defined executive compensation process and evaluation procedure; allowing more accurate compensation decisions
  • More efficient work flow; creating an improved organizational image
  • Employees working together as a team
  • More smiles!


“Vanessa has been instrumental in delivering the training needs of staff. The training has helped tremendously. My staff is so pleased with the level, and quality of training, which included: Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Prevention; How to Write Documentation that can Stand Up in Court; How to Conduct an Effective Investigation; and The Legal Side of Supervision.”

Kathy Boles, CEO,
Valley Area Agency On Aging