Job Descriptions

Job Analyses and Job Descriptions

Did you know that up-to-date job descriptions could protect you in court?

Do your job descriptions align with the duties being performed?

Did you know that an ADA Compliant, well-written, Job Description could reduce FMLA abuse?

Benefits of Possessing Up-to-Date Job Descriptions

An up-to-date, ADA compliant, job description is not only necessary to attract and recruit the best-qualified candidates for jobs; it is the foundation for most Human Resource functions. It is crucial that employees understand their job responsibilities and tasks.  Additionally, job descriptions are essential for:

  • Training
  • Performance evaluations and goals
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Performance management
  • Workforce planning
  • FMLA claims

Job Descriptions also serve as a standard for other jobs. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure your Job Descriptions are up-to-date.   It is recommended that job descriptions be reviewed and updated annually (at a minimum), or more frequently when situations arise.

Risks of Not Having Up-to-Date Job Descriptions

If the job descriptions are not updated or don’t exist, it could cost you massive fines when faced with litigation. However, if your job description is ADA Compliant, and up-to-date, it could be beneficial in a litigious situation.

Possessing a badly written job description is as bad or worse than not having a job description at all.

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