Seminars & Webinars

Keep up to date and maintain compliance with our current webinars and seminars.  We know how busy you are, as well as the difficulty of keeping abreast with constantly changing employment laws and regulations. Therefore, we provide comprehensive Human Resources training, i.e. seminars and webinars, to help keep you well-informed to protect your organization.

We can customize seminars or webinars to your organization’s needs. We can provide live seminars and webinars, or you may access our prerecorded webinars on our website, at any time, at your convenience.

Our customized seminars and webinars include:

  • Wage and Hour
  • Family and Medical Leave Act and Avoiding FMLA Abuse
  • Anti-harassment and Discrimination Prevention
  • Diversity/Sensitivity
  • Fair Labor Standards Act and Wage & Hour Issues
  • Progressive Discipline and Documentation
  • How to Write Documentation that can Stand Up in Court!
  • Human Resources and Employment Law Fundamentals
  • Social Media
  • How to Hire Employees and Create Great Teams
  • How to Spot a Potentially Violent Person in the Workplace
  • And more!

“The seminars you provided on the Affordable Care Act and Human Resources and the Law were well received by our members. I am happy that many of them became your clients.”

M. Szukent, CEO

“The management training courses you provided were well received and needed by our management team.”

G. Steffens, Site Manager

“Vanessa presented Bullying and Workplace Harassment Prevention at our recent in-service staff day. Vanessa is outgoing and down-to-earth, which made our staff very comfortable even while discussing this sensitive topic. The video she shared was excellent and afterwards she encourage employee participation during the review. This kept staff engaged and motivated…”

J. Klich, Human Resources Manager

“Vanessa has been instrumental in delivering the training needs of staff. The training has helped tremendously. My staff is so pleased with the level, and quality of training, which included: Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Prevention; How to Write Documentation that can Stand Up in Court; How to Conduct an Effective Investigation; and The Legal Side of Supervision.”

K. Boles, CEO

Expert Human Resources can customize webinars and seminars to meet your needs. Call us today at (877) 356-6175 or e-mail us!