IRS: Affordable Care Act Simplified Reporting Must Be Met Each Month

According to an IRS official, employers need to be sure they are offering affordable, minimum-value coverage to at least 98% of the employees on whom they report under the Affordable Care Act on a monthly basis, rather than a yearly average, in order to use simplified reporting rules.

Employers that have part-time employees close to the 30 hours per week threshold for inclusion as full-time workers might want to include them in their total count, to take advantage of the simplified reporting method.

Final rules, issued March 5, on the employer shared-responsibility provisions or employer mandate, of the health care law, allow employers to meet their information reporting requirements under tax code section 6056 while avoiding having to identify which of their employees are full time. Section 6056 requires employers to report to the IRS information about their compliance with the ACA’s employer shared responsibility provisions under tax code Section 4980H and about the health care coverage they offer employees.

For more information. Click here for the Fact Sheet.

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